Volcan Masaya, San Juan D'Oriente, Catarina Pueblos Blancos

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Volcan Masaya, San Juan D'Oriente, Catarina 9am -4pm

1. Pick up between 8:30-9

Volcano 45 minutes from Marina

Visitor center to top and back-1 hour if only using the car. If walking add 30-45 minutes.

Spot wildlife, learn about lava rock formations.

2. Masaya market (tourist or loca or both).

30 minutes from Volcan Masaya to market

Choice to go to either or both. Walk between the markets. Plan to spend 1 hour for shoppers, 30 minutes for non shoppers. Good place to get smoothies at tourist market

3. Catarina arrive around noon

25 minutes from Masaya market

Get lunch at Pupusa factory

Walk or drive to the top for view of Apoyo. Spend about 1 hour for lunch and lookout.

Walk to fruit stand for tasting.

Visit bamboo weaving workshop.  Demo $5 or 200 cord tip. 20-30 minutes.

4. San Juan d'Oriente

Visit ceramics studios.  Tour, demo, shopping. 1 hour

Option  to stop at Ormigon gravel quarry Volcanic rock. On the way to volcan Masaya. Mina Ormigon(ormigon mine)

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